Parenting capacity and infant outcomes
in highly vulnerable families

About the Project

A holistic program was designed to optimize care for highly vulnerable pregnant women in Rotterdam, developed in close collaboration between the university hospital and the local government. The Mothers of Rotterdam project is an innovative project to mentor at-risk mothers with a question-driven and neighborhood-focused approach focused on both medical and social problems. The program assigns one central case manager per family to ensure the complex social-medical problems of the at-risk pregnant women/mothers are effectively and collectively managed. The project aims to enhance the chances of a healthy pregnancy, a healthy and safe postpartum period, and a good start in life for children of vulnerable at-risk mothers. I work closely with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and the Department of Public Health of the Erasmus MC to study parenting capacity and developmental outcomes in early childhood in this at-risk population, and the potential beneficial effects of the Mothers of Rotterdam intervention on these parameters.






Researcher, co-promotor


De Verre Bergen Foundation


Marije van der Hulst MSc (Erasmus MC)
Prof. Eric Steegers (Erasmus MC)
Dr. Loes Bertens (Erasmus MC)
Dr. Hanneke de Graaf (Erasmus MC)
Prof. Peter Prinzie (EUR)
Municipality of Rotterdam
De Verre Bergen Foundation


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