Little lies, big impact?

About the Project

Lying to children is common in families, especially in middle childhood. Many parents find some types of lies acceptable, but express concern about its impact on parent-child trust. Although children have the cognitive and moral capacity to evaluate lying, no studies to date have captured children’s attitudes on parental lying. In this project, we develop an online age-appropriate instrument, in co-creation with a child panel and a game designer, to study children’s attitudes (8-12yrs) about parental lying and its effect on parent-child trust. With this instrument we are able to explore what children think about parents lying and whether their opinion depends on the type of parental lie. This newly developed measure will be open access published and showcased among researchers specialized in lying and moral development.


Lying in families




Applicant, Principal Investigator


Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO XS Grant)


dr. Lisanne Schroër (postdoc)


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