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Of mothers with severe psychiatric disorders, it is often questioned to what extent they are able to offer their child a safe, caregiving environment. There are currently few valid instruments able to assess the essential caregiving qualities of this vulnerable group of mothers in a standardized way. To meet this need, the Infant Caregiving Assessment Scales (INCAS) have been developed in Australia to assess caregiving capacity in early infancy, especially for mothers with severe psychiatric disorders. The INCAS consist of two important dimensions; emotional (e.g., affection, empathy, mentalization) and instrumental (e.g., protection, competence, diligence) caregiving qualities. The INCAS thus cover a broader spectrum of parenting qualities than existing instruments. We expect that INCAS will make an important contribution to clinical practice by identifying strengths and weaknesses in specific parenting skills and parenting qualities of mothers with severe psychiatric disorders and thereby form the basis for targeted interventions. In this study, we investigate the applicability and psychometric quality of the INCAS in a Dutch population of mothers with severe and diverse psychopathology.






Researcher, co-applicant, co-promotor


The Friends of Sophia Hospital Foundation


Dr. Mijke Lambregtse-van den Berg (Erasmus MC)
Vandhana Choenni MSc (Erasmus MC)
Prof. Frank Verhulst (Erasmus MC)
Dr. Kathryn Knights
Dr. Kirstine Davidsen (University of Southern Denmark)
Prof. Susanne Harder (University of Southern Denmark)


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